Sports Website Review: Basketball - NBA Universe

This is an online review of NBA Universe, a site dedicated to the world of the NBA basketball, the tournament, the champions, the shoes and players


Best Basketball Websites: NBA Universe

Website reviews: Basketball - NBA UniverseReview: Searching for basketball related websites we found this site:

Obviously the main subject of the site is the NBA and its "universe".

It has a lot of information about the NBA superstars, with player profiles of current and former stars, including data like All-Star appearances, years in the league, teams where they have played, championships won, personal stats and other interesting info.

In the same tone, every team has its page with titles won, years in the league, history, stats, greatest stars and moments, jersey colors and more.

There is a particular section that is hard to find anywhere else with the NBA players and the shoes they are wearing. It is strange but this data is hard to find even in the official sites of the shoemakers that usually have out of date information.

It has other sections with the championships year by year, general stats, MVP's and other honors and much, much more.

The conclusion: A great site for a great sport.


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