DVD Review: BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Africa and Europe

This is an online review of the DVD BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Africa and Europe. With synopsis, cast, pictures, wallpapers, where to buy it and more.


DVD Review: BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Africa and Europe

DVD Review: BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Africa and EuropeSynopsis:
From the BBC's internationally renowned, award winning Natural History unit comes the second release in this extraordinarily ambitious undertaking.

BBC Atlas of the Natural World is a unique survey of life on Earth in all its remarkable richness an beauty. This six-disc set brings together four landmark BBC series that combine to give one of the most comprehensive portraits of Africa (Wild Africa and Congo), the Mediterranean (The First Eden) and Europe (Europe: A Natural History) ever assembled.

In over 12 hours of programming reaching back over three billion years, viewers will examine the birth of these vast continents from the dawn of time and examine how the rise of human civilization has forever changed the landscape.

This release features over five hours of bonus programming including in-depth specials on the Nile, Madagascar, Scandinavia and Iceland. Each series in this collection may be viewed in Enhanced Content Mode, in which pop-up windows will periodically appear during the program featuring added factual content.

Cast: Sir David Attenborough (narrator) / Director: -

BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Africa and Europe Pictures and Wallpapers:
DVD front cover

Prices and where to buy it:
You can buy the DVD BBC Atlas of the Natural World: Africa and Europe at Amazon.com

Critic Quotes and Reviews:
- These series of documentaries respect the excellent quality delivered by other BBC recent releases dedicated to nature and wildlife. A.D.

DVD Information:
Format: Box set, Closed-captioned, Color, DVD-Video, Widescreen, NTSC
Genre: Documentary / Nature & Wildlife
Runtime: 1055 minutes
Screen Aspect: 1.33:1
Available Audio Tracks: English
Subtitles: English Closed Captioned
Media Quantity: 6 DVD Discs

Other Information and Links:
Studio: BBC Video / Warner Brothers
DVD Release Date: 10/02/2007
Official link: BBC Americas Shop

DVD Features:

  • Contents:
  • Disc 1: Wild Africa / Mountains / Savannah / Deserts / Coasts
  • Disc 2: Wild Africa / Jungle / Lakes and Rivers / EC: The Nile (2x50)
  • Disc 3: Congo / The River that Swallows all Rivers / Spirit of the Forest / Footprints in the Forest / EC: Spirits of the Forest: Madagascar
  • Disc 4: Europe: A Natural History / Genesis / Ice Ages / Taming the Wild / The New Millennium
  • Disc 5: Extra Content: Scandinavia - Fire and Ice
  • Disc 6: The First Eden / The Making of the Garden / The Gods Enslaved / The Wastes of War

  • Extra Features Details:
  • Documentaries: The Nile
    Crocodiles and Kings - Examines the Nile through the eyes of the ancient Egyptians The Great Floods - Ancient Egypt was built on the promise of the Nile's annual great flood
  • Documentary: Spirits of the Forest
    Madagascar - The landscape and wildlife of Madagascar, a treasure house of weird and wonderful wildlife (RT: ~ 50 min)
  • Documentaries: Scandinavia
    Lands of the Midnight Sun - Every year seasons transform the fjords, forests & mountains of Norway & Sweden; each season brings challenges & harvests to man & nature. Fresh Waters, Salt Seas - From the polluted Baltic to the overfished Arctic the relationship between man and nature has changed and the future is uncertain.
  • Documentary: Fire and Ice
    A film about how Iceland's wildlife, including puffins and Arctic foxes, survives volcanic eruptions and scalding geysers.

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