Reviews of Movies and TV Series for Kids Released on DVD Format

Features a selection of movies and TV series for Kids and Family


Reviews of Movies for Kids on DVD Format

Here we review and recommend the best movies and TV series for kids.

We analyze everyone of them, tell you where you can buy them and give you our opinion to help you decide.

At the moment the available reviews are:

 Movies for Kids on DVD Format

Movies for Kids

Alice in Wonderland
Baby Einstein, Baby Bach
Baby Einstein, Baby Da Vinci
Baby Einstein, Baby McDonalds
Baby Einstein, Baby Mozart
Baby Einstein, Baby Neptune
Baby Einstein, Baby Newton
Baby E., Baby Wordsworth
Baby E., Language Nursery
Baby E., Meet the Orchestra
Baby E., Neighborhood Animals
Baby E., Numbers Nursery
Baby Einstein, World Animals
Charlie and Lola, Volume 1
Charlie and Lola, Volume 2
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory / Charlie and the... Picture Gallery
Chicken Little
Chill Out Schooby-Doo!
Emperors New Groove
Finding Nemo
Ice Age
Ice Age, The Meltdown
Loonie Tunes
Monsters, Inc.
Narnia, the Lion, the Witch...
Over the Hedge
Pinky and the Brain
Polar Express
Space Jam
The Incredibles
The Wild
Tom and Jerry, Vol. 3
Tweety's High-Flying Aventure
Wallace & Gromit 3 Adventures
Wallace & Gromit Curse of the Were-Rabbit


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