DVD Movie Review: Polar Express

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DVD Movie Review: Polar Express

DVD Review: Polar ExpressSynopsis:
A young boy lies awake in his room one snowy Christmas Eve, excited and alert. Breathing silently. Hardly moving. Waiting. He's listening for a sound he's afraid that he might never hear--the ringing bells of Santa's sleigh. The time is five minutes to midnight.

Suddenly, a thunderous roar startles the boy. Clearing the mist from his window he sees the most amazing sight--a gleaming black train rumbles to a stop right in front of his house, the steam from its powerful engine hissing through the night sky and the softly falling snowflakes.

The boy rushes outside, clad only in his pajamas and slippers, and is met by the train's conductor who seems to be waiting just for him. "Well, are you coming?" the conductor inquires. "Where?" the boy asks. "Why, to the North Pole--of course. This is the Polar Express!"

What unfolds is an adventure that follows a doubting young boy, who takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole; during this ride, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery that shows him that the wonder of life never fades for those who believe.

(Actors and voices) Tom Hanks, Nona Gaye, Chris Van Allsburg, Chris Van Allsburg, Robert Zemeckis, Robert Zemeckis, William Broyles Jr.

Robert Zemeckis

Polar Express Pictures and Wallpapers:

Prices and where to buy it:
You can buy the Polar Express DVDs at Amazon.com

Critic Quotes and Reviews:
"Two enthusiastic thumbs way up for 'The Polar Express.'" -Ebert & Roeper
"This train ride is both majestic and edge-of-your-seat." - The Hollywood Reporter / Duane Byrge
"An instant Christmas classic in a league with the original 'Miracle on 34th St.'" oel Siegel / Good Morning America
"The Polar Express' is a treasure. It will be a holiday tradition for generations." - Francine Brokaw / LA Family
"Every detail of the beloved children's classic is meticulously reconstructed in the film, with visuals that can only be described as wondrous." - Washington Post / Jennifer Frey
"The best family film this year." -Alysha Brewster / Washington Parent

DVD Information:
Format: DVD, Widescreen [16:9 Transfer]
Genre: Animation / Family / Fantasy
Runtime: 100 minutes.
Screen Aspect: Original Aspect Ratio - 2.40 / Widescreen [16:9 Transfer]
Sound Quality: Dolby Surround 5.1: English, Spanish and French
Subtitles: English, Spanish and French
Media Quantity: 1 DVD or 2 DVD (Deluxe Edition)
Packaging Type: Ammary Case

Other Information and Links:
Studio: Warner Bros.
Theatrical Release Date: 11/10/2004
DVD Release Date: 11/22/2005
Soundtrack / Song Theme:
Movie Trailer / Preview: Polar Express Movie Trailer (from Warner Bros.)
Book: -

Special Features (Deluxe Edition only):

  • Challenges - 2 menu challenges that kids can play.
  • Deleted Scenes - Additional Song: The never-before-heard "Smokey and Steamer" song.
  • Featurette - You Look Familiar: Hear about Tom Hanks' 5 unique roles, how each character was different, and what it took for him to bring each one to life.
  • Interviews - True Inspiration An Author's Adventure: Chris Van Allsburg discusses his artistic background and how he conceived the idea for The Polar Express book.
  • Music Video - Josh Groban Music Video: Josh Groban at the Greek performing the Academy Award nominated original song Believe. Also go behind-the-scenes!
  • Other - A Genuine Ticket to Ride: Behind-the-scenes secrets on Performance Capture, Virtual Cameras, Hair and Wardrobe, Creating the North Pole, and Music

Official Information:


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