DVD Movie Review: Charlie & Lola - Volume 2

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DVD Movie Review: Charlie & Lola - Volume 2

DVD Review: Charlie & Lola - Volume 2Synopsis:
Charlie has this little sister Lola. She is small and very funny. Lola will NEVER eat a tomato! She is also not sleepy and will not go to bed. And how will she cope when she is not well and may never smile again? It falls to Charlie to win her around, and he uses every trick in the book - logic, humor, but mostly, the power of his imagination.

Using 2D cel animation, paper cutout, fabric design, photomontage and archive footage, all the distinctive style and exuberance of Lauren Child's award-winning picture books come to life. Glorious music and sound effects help to conjure up fantastical worlds that only a child could invent, while realistic dialogue, voiced by children, ensures these magical adventures really resonate with kids.

Creator: Lauren Child / Director: Kitty Taylor

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Critic Quotes and Reviews:
Our Review: Real children (with British pronunciations) give voices to the characters of Lauren Child's award-winning picture books. The collage-style animation is not only original but also fantastic. The theme couldn't be better: Charlie is a big brother that is the perfect role model and with his unending patience helps his little sister Lola. He explains everything in funny and imaginative ways and they both have fun while he tries to make her see things a little more realistic and overcame her fears. Both kids and parents will be delighted with Charlie and Lola. A.D.

DVD Information:
Format: DVD, 16:9 Enhanced
Genre: Animation, Children/Family, Television
Runtime: 84 minutes
Screen Aspect: 16:9 Enhanced
Sound Quality: English
Subtitles: English
Media Quantity: 1 DVD Disc
Packaging Type: Amaray Case

Other Information and Links:
Studio: BBC / Warner Bros.
DVD Release Date: 09/05/2006
Soundtrack / Song Theme:

DVD Features :

  • Interactive Menus
  • Seven Charlie and Lola episodes
  • A Jigsaw Game
  • Funny Outtakes
  • Hidden Surprises

Episode List:

  • I will not ever never eat a tomato
  • We do promise honestly we can look after your dog
  • I Love going to Granny and Grandpa's it's just that?
  • I'm far too extremely busy
  • It's A secret
  • I'm just not keen on spiders
  • I'm Really ever so not well

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