DVD Movie Review: Baby Einstein, Language Nursery

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DVD Movie Review: Baby Einstein, Language Nursery

DVD Review: Baby Einstein, Language NurserySynopsis:
Baby Einstein is a "video board book" for parents and babies to use together or for babies to view independently. The video images are based on known infant visual preferences - bold patterns, colorful toys and real-world objects that your baby may recognize. Some images teach concepts, like prediction (what happens when the button on a jack-in-the-box is pushed) and object permanence (things continue to exist even when they are out of sight). We suggest that you interact with your baby as you watch Baby Einstein together. Point to objects and name them, move your baby's hands and feet to the sounds of the train, and bounce your child on your lap as you respond to the music, sounds and visuals. There is nothing more important than the time you spend interacting with your baby, so have fun and be creative!

Research has shown that infants have a natural ability to distinguish and assimilate the sounds of all languages, but that this ability begins to fade as babies grow older. With this in mind, the audio component of Baby Einstein was crafted to expose infants to a multitude of phonemes (the sounds of human language) in a fun, baby friendly way. There are more than 100 phonemes, not all of which are present in any single language. According to research, repeated exposure to these sounds will help form dedicated connections in the brain's auditory cortex. Please note this video is not designed to teach foreign language. Rather it is crafted to stimulate your baby in unique, delightful ways through exposure to the sounds of several languages.

Cast: the Baby Einstein puppets

Prices and where to buy it:
You can buy the DVD Baby Einstein, Language Nursery at Amazon.com

Critic Quotes and Reviews:
Created by mother and teacher Julie Aigner-Clark, BABY EINSTEIN is an introduction to the sounds of foreign languages using animated visuals and pleasant sounds that are designed to stimulate infants between the ages of approximately one and 18 months. Winner of the 1997 PARENTING MAGAZINE Video Magic Award. Buy.com

DVD Information:
Format: DVD, Standard TV Format
Genre: Kids, Family, Educative
Runtime: 162 minutes
Screen Aspect Ratio: Standard 1.33:1 [4:3]
Sound Quality: English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Subtitles: -
Media Quantity: 1 DVD Disc

Other Information and Links:
Studio: Buena Vista / Walt Disney Video
Original Release Date: 1997
DVD Release Date: 2/19/2002

DVD Features:

  • Still Frames
  • Repeat Play and Auto-Play Options
  • Video Tutorial: Baby Einstein Overview
  • Printed Parent Guide

Official Information:
Multiple award-winner including Parents' Choice "Parents' Choice Award" (1997). Exposes your baby to sounds of languages. A great way to interact with your child. DVD zoned for Region 1 only, which is the USA and Canada Age: 1 month+ Manufacturer: Baby Einstein


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