Sports DVD Reviews: Shaquille O'Neal, Like No Other


Sports DVD Reviews: Shaquille O'Neal, Like No Other

Shaq is trying to conquer the basketball world, again.

Sports DVD Reviews: Shaquille O'Neal, like no otherOfficial Information:

12-time NBA All-Star.
Three Times Finals MVP. League MVP.
Three Championship Rings.

Take an inside look at one of the most dominating centers the NBA has ever seen - Shaquille O'Neal.

Witness how he helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers to three consecutive NBA championships and share his fierce determination to bring a championship to the Miami Heat.

With Exclusive footage of Shaq both on and off the court, you get to experience his unique ability to motivate his teammates and inspire fans, not only with his explosive basketball skills, but with his down-to-earth personality. sense of humor and passion for the game of basketball. This fast-paced and fascinating DVD shows why Shaq is bigger than life and "Like No Other".

Our opinion: This DVD by Warner Brothers is excellent to get to know the hidden face of the "Big Aristotle" as he likes to call himself. This is the face that shows Shaq outside the basketball court. Everybody says he is like a giant kid, but to actually see it on film is fantastic and really funny. It is great for Shaq old fans and for those Miami Heat fans who are still trying to understand him.

Other than all the "backstage" of Shaq's life, the DVD also has an interesting recompilation of videos of his career, from draft day to the Miami days. Note that the DVD was released previous to the Heat Championship in 2006.

Lakers fans will let a tear fall with the Three-peat images but it is fair to note that Shaquille O'Neal, Like No Other, almost doesn't mention Kobe Bryant, and there is almost nothing about Shaq's (awful) relationship with him. It's strange being that a big part of Shaq story but the omission is understandable because that was a sad story and this DVD intends to be an entertainment DVD. And it really reaches its goal.

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