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This is an online review of Authentic Basketball, a site dedicated to international basketball, its teams, tournaments and players


Best Basketball Websites: Authentic Basketball

Website reviews: Basketball - Authentic BasketballReview: We've been searching for basketball related websites and we were pleased to find this site:

This website is full of international basketball information. From the NBA to the World Cup or the Olympics. All the Champions year by year.

They have a couple of sections that are still in progress but we have reviewed other sites made by the same people so we are sure this one will reach the excellence of the others (, and

Basketball is one of the most popular sports around the world, there are local leagues everywhere and a couple of international tournaments. His three main events are the Basketball World Cup, the NBA and the medals disputed in the Olympic Games. It is a lot of data, and this site tries to put it all together in one place, without distractions, with a simple design and a pages and pages full of information.

Although the site is up to date with the champions of each tournament and league and has a small news section, the goal of it is not to show you the latest game results, if that's what you are looking for you may prefer to visit a site like Yahoo! Sports or ESPN. Authentic Basketball is more like a basketball encyclopedia.

The conclusion: It is a good basketball site that will be great soon.




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