Sports Website Review: NBA Basketball - Manu Ginobili's World

This is an online review of Manu Ginobili's World, a site dedicated to the world of the NBA basketball superstar, his profile, stats, records, pictures, shoes and other information.


Best NBA Basketball Websites: Manu Ginobili's World

Website reviews: Basketball - Manu Ginobili's WorldReview: Searching for basketball related websites we found this site:

Obviously the main subject of the site is Emanuel Ginobili and his "world".

It has a lot of information about San Antonio Spurs superstar Manu Ginobili, currently one of the top players in the league and certaintly one of the players recognized around arourd the basketball world because of his performances with his National Team Argentina. Manu was already a star in Europe, where he was the MVP of the Italian League and the Euroleague but arrived to the NBA as an unknown player.

He growed there to the level of being the best player on the championship team in 2004-05. It was his second title with the Spurs in 3 NBA years. Although he doesn't have the marketing Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade or Lebron James have in the United States, his international fame reached its peak when he lead his National Team to the Gold Medal in Athens 2004 where he was selected the Olympic MVP.

The site has his profile and complete data like career stats, awards honors, pictures and posters.

Manu Ginobili's World also has special sections about the jerseys he wears. His relationship with Nike and his shoes with pictures and information about where to buy them.

The conclusion: A site with lots of information about the NBA top international superstar.


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