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This is an online review of Lakers Universe, a site dedicated to Los Angeles Lakers


Best Los Angeles Lakers Universesite: Lakers Universe

Website reviews: Los Angeles Lakers - Lakers UniverseWe've been searching for Los Angeles Lakers related websites and we have found this pearl: Lakers Universe.

First of all: why Los Angeles Lakers and not, lets say, the Detroit Pistons (current NBA champion)?

The answer is clear: The Lakers are the team with more fans, they sell more jerseys than anybody else in the league, they sell out where ever they go, they have the best player in the league - Kobe Bryant - and they are always in the news (with good and bad news). Clearly they are the top team in the NBA, and even if the near future doesn't look perfect, all the eyes are always on them.

Now, lets get into the review. We chose Lakers Universe as the best Lakers related site. This site is full of updated information. We chose them even over the official site, that is really cold and organic, and doesn't provide any interesting info beyond the team news. We also didn't include the sporting news sites for this selection for the same reasons (Lakers at Yahoo! Sports, Lakers at ESPN, Lakers at L.A. Times, etc).

Links detail :

Lakers Universe
  2000 Championship
  2001 Championship
  2002 Championship
  current season

If you are confused about off-season movements that sent away Phil Jackson, Shaquille O'Neal, Gary Payton and Karl Malone, and brought in Lamar Odom and 10 more players, visit their roster for a detailed explanation.

In the players section you can find players profiles, pictures and some excellent Kobe Bryant stats.

They have uncountable pictures of Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant and former stars like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jerry West.

The history page is a neatly organized section with the basic information about the franchise, its titles and stars.

The Championship sections are the pages you can't miss. They are divided by NBA title year: 2000 Championship, 2001 Championship and 2002 Championship, all full of pictures, game recaps, playoffs and regular season stats and other information.

If you want the basic information about the current season: stats, highlights, scores, schedule, records, they have a current season section.

Finally, if you want to buy Lakers or NBA jerseys and other merchandise they tell you where to do it online in their store.



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