Music CD Review: U2 - Achtung Baby!

This is an online review of the CD Achtung Baby! by U2, with CD cover, pictures, wallpapers, lyrics and where to buy it online.


CD Review: U2 - Achtung Baby!

Music CD Review: U2 Achtung Baby!CD Information and Notes:

- U2 is Bono (vocals, guitar); The Edge (guitar, keyboards, background vocals); Adam Clayton (bass); Larry Mullen (drums). Additional personnel: Daniel Lanois (guitar); Brian Eno (keyboards).

- Recorded at Hansa Ton Studios, Berlin, Germany; Dog Town, S.T.S. and Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin, Ireland.

- In 1991, U2 shocked the pop-music world with Achtung Baby, a striking departure from the Irish band's beloved '80s arena-rock sound. Here the group careens into sonically adventurous territory, reveling in distorted guitars, drum loops, and layers of synthesizers.

- The stunning opening track, "Zoo Station," kicks in with fierce, fuzzed-out guitar and a clanging industrial beat, Bono's distinctive voice the only tell-tale sign that this is indeed a U2 album. From here, Achtung Baby deftly maneuvers between giddy electro-pop (the shimmering "Even Better Than the Real Thing," the funky "Mysterious Ways"), bold techno-tinged rock (the majestic punch of "Until the End of the World," the seductive squall of "The Fly"), and contemplative ballads (the heartbreakingly beautiful "One," the haunting closer "Love Is Blindness"). Throughout it all, the quartet plays to the peak of its abilities, aided by the atmospheric, top-notch production of Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. This is the record where Bono, for better or worse, fully embraced the role of "rock star," with the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen, Jr. ably accompanying him every swaggering step of the way. One of the group's finest outings, Achtung Baby is indisputably U2's most adventurous album.

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U2 Achtung Baby! Song List:

  1. Zoo station (4:36)
  2. Even better than the real thing (3:41)
  3. One (4:36)
  4. Until the end of the world (4:39)
  5. Who's gonna ride your wild horses (5:16)
  6. So cruel (5:49)
  7. The fly (4:29)
  8. Mysterious ways (4:04)
  9. Tryin' to throw your arms around the world (3:53)
  10. Ultra violet (light my way) (5:31)
  11. Acrobat (4:30)
  12. Love is blindness (4:23)

U2 Achtung Baby! Pictures and Wallpapers:

CD Critic Quotes and Reviews:

  • Rolling Stone (12/11/03, p.113) - Ranked #62 in Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums Of All Time" - "...The album has lots of uncertainty, irony and distortion. It also has one of the most beautiful songs U2 ever recorded: 'One'..."
  • Rolling Stone (5/13/99, p.50) - Included in Rolling Stone's "Essential Recordings of the '90s."
  • Rolling Stone (1/9/92, p.50) - 4.5 Stars - Outstanding - "...the band is able to grow confidently and consistently on its own native strengths...few bands can marshal such sublime power..."
  • Spin (9/99, p.128) - Ranked #19 in Spin Magazine's "90 Greatest Albums of the '90s"
  • Entertainment Weekly (11/29/91) - "..refreshingly personal - deeper and denser than any of the band's previous releases..." - Rating: A
  • Q (10/01, p.96) - Ranked #9 in Q's "Best 50 Albums of Q's Lifetime"
  • Q (12/99, p.70) - Included in Q Magazine's "90 Best Albums of the 1990s"
  • Q (12/91) - 5 Stars - Classic - "...U2's heaviest album to date. And best..." - One of Q Magazine's 50 best albums of 1991.
  • CMJ (1/6/03, p.16) - Included in CMJ's list of "Top 25 College Radio Albums of All Time"
  • Musician (12/91) - "...ACHTUNG, BABY is dense, tough and endlessly surprising...a great accomplishment..."
  • Jazziz (Dec.-Jan./92, p.94) - Picked by critic John Dilberto as one of the 10 best albums of 1992.
  • New York Times (1/1/92) - "..Dense, self-serious and overly ambitious: all the things this band is rightfully famous for.."

CD Details:

  • Release Date: 11/19/1991
  • Original Release Date: 1991
  • Label : Island Records (USA)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Runtime: 55m : 27s
  • Studio/Live: Studio
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo
  • Producer: Daniel Lanois; Brian Eno
  • Engineer: Flood; Steve Lillywhite

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